Construction Law in Australia Third Edition

An authoritative text on the law relating to Building and Construction.

The 3rd Edition uses precise statements of legal principle to provide practitioners and students of architecture, engineering and building with an overall understanding of the law as it applies to the construction industry.

Following an introductory chapter on the Australian legal system, key elements of the law are addressed including:

  • the latest legislation,
  • principles of contract law,
  • construction contracts,
  • tort and professional liability,
  • project procurement,
  • payment and security,
  • property law issues,
  • management and prevention of disputes,
  • litigation and arbitration, and
  • alternative dispute resolution generally.

Particular emphasis is given to the law relating to building contracts and the problems arising under such contracts. A detailed examination of the building contract forms, key issues arising from construction contracts, subcontracts and assignment are is also included.

Accessible, affordable and authoritative resource on construction law in the Australian context.
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