Mindful Leadership

Michele Gennoe is a woman on a mission…

She is passionate about helping leaders to be more mindful so they can live both meaningful and profitable lives by following the 7 Steps, Purpose, Passion, Pathways, People, Prosperity, Pausing and Presence, to be a mindful Leader.

As human beings we are always trying to understand why we are here.

Finding a Purpose for our lives and translating that into a Passion is what adds many layers of richness of experience. As leaders we are constantly making decisions and refining our Pathways to simplify our decision-making processes.

We want to be inspirational and move with People we are leading towards a worthwhile vision, creating Prosperity for ourselves and others as we do so.

All these elements would then combine into what we put forward through our Presence as the ‘brand me’ of our leadership style.

These are the same human elements that philosophers and poets throughout the history of mankind have been discussing and debating in their own ways.

This journey is enhanced by Pausing to renew ourselves with moments of mindfulness.
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