Loan Calculation

LoanAmortizer Professional Edition


One of the newest and most complete and professional financial tools for loan and mortgage amortization
and payment schedule preparation that runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP. The
program is directed for use by anybody that has a mortgage or outstanding
loan at any financial institution around the world.

LoanAmortizer Professional Edition helps you calculate interest rate, loan/mortgage
amount, number of payments, periodic payment amount and any other loan
calculations instantly. Once any amortization schedule is prepared it can be
saved in a file for future reference, comparison or archive. You can insert
any type of balloon payment anywhere in the amortization schedule or prepare
a mortgage amortization schedule with the respective prepaid interest amount
and finance charges.

The mortgage can also be amortized in decades but paid
in months. You can also prepare amortization schedule, view it and print it
in virtually no time. Everything is completed automatically, accurately and
is easy and simple to be used and handled. LoanAmortizer Professional
Edition allows you to prepare and print coupons applicable to each payment
in a certain amortization schedule and even print your own coupon book by
selecting a special uneven printing order. That uneven print order will
later let you cut and make your customized payment coupon book.

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